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Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (2005)

Hanover, New Hampshire
Complete Proceedings of the 13th Workshop
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Session 1: Climate, River Ice, and Ecology

Impacts of Large-Scale Teleconnections on River-Ice Duration over Canada (pp. 3-20)
B. Bonsal, T.D. Prowse, C. Duguay and M. Lacroix
Impact of Climate Change on the Peace River Thermal Ice Regime (pp. 21-40)
R. Andrishak and F. Hicks
River Ice Trends in Canada (pp. 41-55)
M. Lacroix, T.D. Prowse, B. Bonsal, C. Duguay and P. Menard
Neuro-Fuzzy Logic Model for Breakup Forecasting at Fort McMurray, AB (pp. 56-68)
C. Mahabir, F. Hicks and A.R. Fayek
Ice Impact Evaluation for the Lower Connecticut River (pp. 69-82)
C. Vuyovich, A. Tuthill, S. Daly and K. White
Movements and behaviour by juvenile Atlantic salmon in relation to ice conditions in small rivers in Canada and Norway (pp. 83-101)
T. Linnansaari, M. Stickler, K. Alfredsen, J.V. Arnekleiv, R.A. Cunjak, H.-P. Fjeldstad, J.H. Halleraker and A. Harby
Development of Site Specific Ice Growth Models for Hydrometric Purposes (pp. 102-132)
L. Dornan

Session 2: River Ice Measurement

Use of Millimeter-Wave FM-CW Radar to Profile River Ice Thickness (pp. 133-149)
N.E. Yankielun, M.G. Ferrick and S.H. Feakins
Instrument for Detecting Freeze-up, Mid-Winter and Break-up Ice Processes in Rivers (pp. 150-183)
M. Jasek, J. Marko, D. Fissel, M. Clarke, J. Buermans and K. Paslawski
Remote Monitoring Along the Athabasca River at Fort McMurray, Alberta (pp. 184-200)
C. Robichaud, C. Mahabir, L. Garner and E. Friesenhan
River discharge measurement using the velocity index method (pp. 201-226)
B. Morse, K. Hamai and Y. Choquette

Session 3: River Ice Processes

Field Measurements and Analysis of Waves Generated by Ice-Jam Releases (pp. 227-249)
Spyros Beltaos
Factors contolling anchor ice formation in two Norwegian rivers (pp. 250-263)
M. Stickler and K. Alfredsen
The Effects of River Ice on Scour and Sediment Transport (pp. 264-278)
D.B. Hains and L.J. Zabilansky
Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Waves Released by Ice Cover Consolidation and Effects on Ice Cover Stability of Peace River below Dunvegan (pp. 279-291)
S. Beltaos and D. D. Andres

Session 4: Ice Control

Investigation of Ice Block Stability - Numerical Modeling Issues (pp. 292-309)
K. Dow, P. Steffler and F. Hicks
Performance of a Sloped-Block Ice - Control Structure in Hardwick, VT (pp. 310-316)
J. H. Lever and G. Gooch
Performance of the Lake Erie Ice Boom, Eight Years After Major Design Modifications in 1997 (pp. 317-332)
R. Abdelnour, G. Comfort, A. Liddiard, R. Crissman and D. Harding
Reduced bearing capacity of reservoirs, information to the public via Internet (pp. 333-334)
Randi Pytte Asvall
Abstract Only

Session 5: Grasse River

Frequency and Severity of Past Ice Jams on the Grass River (pp. 335-341)
H.T. Shen, N.C. Jayasundara, A.M. Tuthill, J.E. Mihm and G.E. Frankenstein
Ice Tree Scar Evidence of Historic Ice Events on the Grasse River (pp. 342-350)
A. Tuthill, G. Frankenstein, M. Kenney, A. Mihm
Numerical Modeling of 2003 Grasse River Ice Jam and Scenario Analysis (pp. 351-365)
L. Liu and H. T. Shen
Evaluation of Sediment Transport Impacts of the 2003 Ice Jam in the Lower Grasse River (pp. 366-367)
C.K. Ziegler, H. VanDewalker, R. Slingerland, P. Rodrigue and G. Ashton
Abstract Only
Breakup Ice Control Structure with In-Channel Relief Flow (pp. 368-379)
A. Tuthill, L. Liu and H. T. Shen

Session 6: River Ice Models

Field and Theoretical Study of the Toe Region of a Consolidated Ice Cover (pp. 380-401)
D. Andres, M. Jasek and G. Fonstad
Modeling Ice Jams using HEC-RAS: The Three Creeks Project (pp. 402-420)
J. E. Zufelt
Numerical Modeling of Storage Release during Dynamic River Ice Break-up (pp. 421-439)
M. Jasek, G. Ashton, H.T. Shen and F. Chen
Monitoring and Data Collection Along the Peace River during the 2004-2005 Ice Season (pp. 440-454)
E. Friesenhan and C. Mahabir
Ice-covered hydrodynamic simulation: model calibration and comparisons for three reaches of the Athabasca River, Alberta, Canada (pp. 455-469)
C. Katopodis and H. Ghamry
Incorporating Ice Effects in Ice Jam Release Surge Models (pp. 470-484)
Y. She and F. Hicks
The Effect of Ship Transport on Fast Ice Stability (pp. 485-507)
E. Stander, D. Carter and B. Morse