Proceedings of the 22nd Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (2023)

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Session 1: Ice and Climate Change


Assessment of Changes in Open versus Ice-influenced Annual Maximum Water Levels in select Canadian Rivers

Y. Dibike, L. de Rham, S. Beltaos, D.L. Peters, B. Bonsal
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Investigation of Trends in River Ice in Manitoba, Canada

Lucas Wazney, Fuad Curi, Pouya Farokhzad
2.13 MB

St. Lawrence River ice conditions: historical data and plausible future scenarios

Denise Sudom, Paul Barrette
1.31 MB

Trends in Ice Conditions for Rivers in Ontario – Follow up

Fuad Curi, Pouya Farokhzad
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    Session 2: Student Session A – Numerical Modelling


    Two-dimensional modelling of ice dam growth and release processes at Sundance Rapids

    Madison Stafford, Karen Dow, Jarrod Malenchak
    Student Paper
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    Evaluating a CFD model for three-dimensional simulation of ice structure interaction

    Hanif Pourshahbaz, Tadros Ghobrial, Ahmad Shakibaeinia
    Student Paper
    1.77 MB

    A Numerical Study of Flow Beneath Floating Ice Blocks

    Armin Hajighasem Kashania, Peng Wu, Yee-Chung Jin
    Student Paper
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    Modelling Freeze-up Processes in a Small-Steep-Regulated River

    Heyu Fang, Yuntong She, Mark Loewen, Benoit Turcotte, David Andres
    Student Paper
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      Session 3: Student Session B – Thermal Processes


      Assessing heat flux formulas used in the full energy budget model for rivers during freeze-up

      Jiaqi Yang, Yuntong She, Mark Loewen
      Student Paper
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      Monitoring the formation and growth of lake ice under heavy snowfall

      Arash Rafat, Homa Kheyrollah Pour
      Student Paper
      1.34 MB

      Laboratory study of frazil ice particle and floc evolution under increased heat flux during supercooling

      Chuankang Pei, Yuntong She, Mark Loewen
      Student Paper
      5.22 MB

      Comparison between reanalysis and local weather data for estimating pre-break-up heat fluxes into the ice cover

      Sean Boyd, Tadros Ghobrial, Mark Loewen
      Student Paper
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        Session 4: Student Session C – Advances in River Ice Engineering


        Comparison of seasonal and year-long calibration approaches for hydrological modelling of winter discharge on the Chaudière River, Quebec

        Kh Rahat Usman, Tadros Ghobrial, François Anctil
        Student Paper
        1.10 MB

        Frazil Ice Measurements Using the Four-Frequency AQUAscat Sonar

        Leila Shoorangiz, Shawn Clark
        Student Paper
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        Investigating the Effect of Incoming Ice Supply Rate on Hanging Dam Formation

        Randula Senarathbandara, Shawn Clark, Karen Dow
        Student Paper
        1.07 MB

        Experimental investigation of border ice effect on bedform development

        Mina Rouzegar, Shawn Clark
        Student Paper
        797.51 KB

        Progress in the development of an operational testbed using Delft-FEWS for river ice forecasting on the Chaudière River, Quebec

        Rodolfo Alvarado Montero, Kh Rahat Usman, Tadros Ghobrial, Arnejan van Loenen
        Student Paper
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          Session 6: Remote Sensing Applications


          Use of NASA CERES satellite data to calculate the net heat flux of the Dauphin River during supercooling

          Vincent McFarlane, Kyla Lim, Shawn Clark
          1.15 MB

          Evaluating aerial drone based remote sensing technologies to document and measure fluvial ice covers

          Jason Duguay, Mélanie Trudel, Antoine Pruneau, Lucie Goethals, Jay Lacey
          2.67 MB

          Towards a comprehensive assessment of hydrokinetic resource assessment in ice covered Canadian rivers using remote sensing

          Saber Ansari, Jinxing Huang, Tabitha Takeda, Torsten Geldsetzer, Joost Van der Sanden
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            Session 7: Monitoring, Forecasting, and Case Studies


            Update on Breakup Forecasting and Ice Management with Lessons Learned from the February 2022 Churchville Ice Jam

            Jeff Wong
            1.51 MB

            Ice Jamming on the Severn River near Bearskin Lake First Nation: 2019 Case Study and Assessment of Future Flooding Potential

            Lucas Wazney, Rick Carson
            1.96 MB

            Remotely Monitoring NWT Ice Road thickness with SIMBA and Beadedstream Dataloggers and Thermistor Sensors

            Michael Lynch, Jerry English, Dustin Dewar, Kyle Little
            1.50 MB

            Ice Jam Assessment and Town of Golden Ice Monitoring System (Kicking Horse River)

            David Kushner, Katy Curtis
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              Session 8: Peace River Basin


              The 2022 Flooding of the Peace-Athabasca Delta: Extent, Magnitude, Hydrology, and Historic Context

              Kevin Timoney, Martin Jasek
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              The 2022 Dynamic Mid-Winter Breakup on the Lower Little Smoky River, Alberta In the Context of A Historical Mid-Winter Breakup

              Jennifer Nafziger, Aleezah Arif, Alyssa Sandeman
              2.24 MB

              Ice Jam Flood Frequency Analysis for the Peace-Athabasca Delta: Refining Projections by Modeling Historical Uncertainty

              Jonathan Lamontagne, Martin Jasek
              650.03 KB

              Insights from the 2022 mechanical breakup of the lower Peace River and contribution to flooding of the Peace-Athabasca Delta

              Martin Jasek
              3.96 MB

              Using logistic regression to identify the key hydrologic controls of ice-jam flooding near the Peace-Athabasca Delta: assessment of uncertainty

              Spyros Beltaos
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                Session 9: Frazil, Freeze-up, and Mid-Winter Ice Processes


                Field investigation of the effectiveness of mitigation measures for water intake blockage by ice

                Amandine Pierre, Tadros Ghobrial, Sean Boyd, Mark Loewen
                1.79 MB

                Modelling freeze-up ice covers along the Exploits River, Newfoundland

                Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt, Mohammad Ghoreshi, Paul Barrette, Amir Ali Khan
                1.28 MB

                Frazil Ice Blockage of Siphon during January 2022

                Chandler Engel, Jeremy Giovando
                1.72 MB

                Controls on aufeis formation: lessons from a small Yukon stream

                Ashley Dubnick, Benoit Turcotte, Mederic Girard, Stephanie Saal
                1.13 MB

                The National Research Council of Canada’s Large-Scale Frazil Ice Facility

                Robert Briggs, Fabien Souille, Stephen Keats, Bradley Butt, Vandad Talimi, Martin Richard
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                  Session 10: Ice and Structures and Modelling


                  Ice Regime Characterization Before, During, and After Construction of the Muskrat Falls Project

                  Joe Groeneveld, Kevin Lees, Greg Snyder, Daniel Damov, Scott O'Brien
                  2.16 MB

                  Extending a stochastic modelling framework for ice-jam flood predictions with machine learning

                  Apurba Das, Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt
                  675.17 KB

                  Using Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation method for river ice jam calculations with HEC-RAS

                  Niklas Dahlberg, Juha Aaltonen, Mikko Huokuna
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                    Session 11: Posters


                    Evaluation of hydro-meteorological and geometric criteria for forecasting the onset of breakup

                    Ehab Zidan, Tadros Ghobrial, Yuntong She
                    373.46 KB

                    Investigating Anchor Ice Formation and Release Events at the Outlet of Clark Lake

                    Samantha Wilson, Karen Dow, Jarrod Malenchak
                    432.76 KB

                    Defining design ice jam water levels in rivers of northwestern Canada: limitations and recommendation

                    Benoit Turcotte
                    416.64 KB

                    Ice-Resilient Water and Ice Level Monitoring

                    Jennifer Nafziger, Alyssa Sandeman
                    42.11 KB

                    Towards optimizing preventative ice weakening work in the province of Quebec

                    Sara Azargashb Lord, Tadros Ghobrial
                    1.47 MB

                    Open-water calibration of a CRISSP2D model of a multi-channel fluvial island system on the Assomption River in Quebec

                    Mathieu Fouquet, Jason Duguay, Victoria Litalien, Mélanie Trudel, Jay Lacey
                    7.72 MB

                    Ice Concerns for A River Intake near The Lower Boundary of Cold Regions in North America

                    Edward Kempema, Robert Ettema, John Sikora
                    677.15 KB

                    A Web-Based Ice Jam Profile Model

                    Tyler Hoekstra, Julia Blackburn, Yuntong She, Weichen Qiu, Samer Adeeb
                    98.90 KB

                      Session 12: Frequency, Hazard, and Risk


                      Ice Jam-Induced Flood Vulnerability Assessment in a Multi-Channel Deltaic Stream. Case Study: Lower Moose River, Ontario

                      Soheil Zaré, Jason Shaw, Ian Knack, Joe Groeneveld, Tom Lavender
                      6.23 MB

                      Ice-jam flood hazard assessment methodologies

                      Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt, Andrew Weiss, David Brown
                      590.14 KB

                      Case Studies on Ice Jam Flood Frequency Estimation

                      Dan Healy, Nadia Kovachis
                      1.25 MB