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Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (1999)

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Complete Proceedings of the 10th Workshop
411 pages (60.7 MB)
Introductory material (pp. ii-iii)

Session W1: Ice Jam Forecasting

A Simple Test for the Suitability of Equilibrium Thickness (pp. 1-14)
J. E. Zufelt
Prediction of Ice Jam Water levels in a Multi-Channel River: Fort Albany, Ontario (pp. 15-29)
P. Grover, C. Vrkljan, S. Beltaos and D. Andres
Forecasting Systematic Ice Jam Occurrence Along the Yukon River, Alaska (pp. 30-43)
K. D. White

Session W2: Ice Management

A Boom for Reducing Ice Management Problems in the Rideau River (pp. 44-58)
R. Abdelnour, Y. Gong, B. Reid and G. Assaff
Discrete Element Modeling of River Ice and Navigation Structures (pp. 59-69)
M. Hopkins and S. Daly
Static Ice loads on Wooden and Steel Stoplogs at Seven Sisters (pp. 70-84)
Y. Gong, R. Penner, G. Comfort, T. Armstrong and G. Schellenberg

Session W3: Ice and Environment

Simulating Winter Environments for Aquatic Life in the CRREL Refrigerated Flume (pp. 85-96)
K. D. White, S. F. Daly and J. J. Gagnon
Blood Chemistry and Swimming Activity of Rainbow Trout Exposed to Supercooling and Frazil Ice (pp. 97-110)
R. S. Brown, J. C. Brodeur, G. Power, S. F. Daly, K. D. White and R. S. McKinley
Winter Design Features of Goose Creek Enhancement Works, Churchill, Manitoba (pp. 111-125)
B. E. Shumilak and R. A. Remnant

Session W4: Case Studies

Ice Problems of the Yellow River, China (pp. 126-134)
Shi-Qiang YE, Xue-Gong LIU and Qing-Ping ZHU
A Case Study: Lower Churchill River Water Level Enhancement Weir Project (pp. 135-149)
B. W. Korbaylo and B. E. Shumilak
Manasan Ice Control Structures (pp. 150-159)
P. D. Wang
Anchor Ice Formation Below Limestone Generating Station (pp. 160-173)
W. C. Girling and J. Groeneveld

Session T1: Ice Jams

Analysis of Ice Jam Surge and Ice Velocity Data (pp. 174-184)
M. Jasek
An Assessment of the Applicability of Steady Flow Ice Jam Profile Models (pp. 185-195)
D. Healy and F. Hicks
Numerical Simulation of Ice Clearing and Jam Initiation in Navigation Channels (pp. 196-208)
M. Sayed and B. Morse

Session T2: Field Studies of Ice Processes

The Effects of Freezing on the Stability of a Juxtaposed Ice Cover (pp. 209-222)
D. D. Andres
LSPIV and Numerical-Model Estimation of Yukon River Discharge during and Ice Jam Near Dawson (pp. 223-235)
M. Jasek, M. Muste, R. Ettema and A. Kruger
A Review of River-Ice Impacts on Alluvial-Channel Stability (pp. 236-250)
R. Ettema

Session T3: Ice and Environment

Climatic Effects on the Changing Ice-Breakup Regime of the Saint John River (pp. 251-264)
S. Beltaos
Construction and Maintenance of Winter Roads in Manitoba (pp. 265-275)
D. Kuryk and M. Domaratzki
Concentration of Minerals by Ice in Long Shallow Lakes (pp. 276-289)
M. Sydor and W. Boutot

Session T4: Lab Studies

An Overview of Ice Load Measurements on Bridge Piers (pp. 290-302)
M. E. Johnston, G. W. Timco and R. Frederking
Cazenovia Creek Ice Control Structure: A Comparison of Two Concepts (pp. 303-317)
J. H. Lever and G. Gooch
Is 𝜙 a Constant for Broken Ice Rubble? (pp. 318-331)
G. W. Timco and A. M. Cornett

Session F1: Ice Management

Ice Boom Design at Manitoba Hydro (pp. 332-345)
R. J. Britner and D. E. Lemke
Design Considerations for the Use of Ice as a Construction Platform (pp. 346-360)
F. Hicks and A. Fayek
Assessing the Susceptibility of Shorelines to Inundation by Ice: A Practical Approach (pp. 361-376)
K. Gawne

Session F2: Miscellaneous

Laboratory Studies of Anchor Ice Growth Using a Digital Image Processing System (pp. 377-387)
J. C. Doering, M. P. Morris, W. C. Girling and K. Dow
River Ice Processes in Tidal Rivers: Research Needs (pp. 388-399)
B. Morse, B. Burrell, A. St. Hilaire, N. Bergeron, D. Messier and T. Q. Thanh
Turbulent Structure of Ice-Covered Flow and Ice Impact Upon Habitat in Rivers (pp. 400-409)
E. N. Dolgopolova