Field measurements of supercooling and anchor ice properties

Chuankang Pei, Jiaqi Yang, Yuntong She, and Mark Loewen
Student Paper
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Conceptual Design of a High Flow Air Screen for Brash Ice Retention in Strong Ambient Crossflow

Chandler Engel, Steven Daly and Iqbal Biln
1.88 MB

Highway Bridge Design in an Ice Jam-Prone Area on the Aux Brochets River

Simon Nolin, Pierre Pelletier and Claudine Breton
1.92 MB

Ice-Run Destruction of Spencer Dam on Nebraska's Niobrara River

Robert Ettema, Mark Baker, Marty Teal and John Trojanowski
1.42 MB

Infrastructure and River Ice: An Overview

Brian Burrell, Benoit Turcotte, George Comfort and Joe Groeneveld
1.40 MB

Field measurements of frazil ice accumulation at a water intake on the Mille-Iles River, Québec

Tadros Ghobrial, Amandine Pierre and Brian Morse
1.64 MB

Assessment of regulation impacts on ice formation in river Alta, Norway

Knut Alfredsen and Sanjoy Kumar Saha
3.94 MB

Observation of culverts with fish passage design in winter time

Jean-Robert Ladouceur and Tadros Ghobrial
1.54 MB

Development and Application of a Hummocked Ice Mitigation Program in the Rupert Bay

Wael Taha, Jack Diamond and Marc Dunn
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Detailed interpretation of river ice processes in water level time series

Benoit Turcotte and Jennifer Nafziger
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