Proceedings of the 15th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (2009)

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

Estimation of Frazil Particle Size and Concentration from SWIPS Measurements in the Peace River: an Assessment of Options and Prospects

J. Marko and M Jasek
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Frazil Ice Measurements Using the Shallow Water Ice Profiling Sonar

T. Ghobrial, M. Loewen and F. Hicks
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Suspended frazil ice detection using multi-frequency underwater acoustic devices

M. Richard, B. Morse, J. Edmond and S. Daly
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Surface Ice Observations on the St. Lawrence River Using Infrared Thermography

J. Edmond, B. Morse, M. Richard, E. Stander, and A. Viau
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Investigation of the use of GPR for characterizing river ice types

F. Bérubé, N. Bergeron, Y. Gauthier and Y. Choquette
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Conceptual model of river ice formation along sedimentary links

N. Bergeron, T. Buffin-Bélanger, V. Tremblay and J. Dubé
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Frazil ice as a geomorphic agent

G. Allard, T. Buffin-Bélanger and N. Bergeron
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Variations in Anchor-Ice Crystal Morphology Related to River Flow Characteristics

E. Kempema and R. Ettema
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2-D Modeling of Ice Cover Formation Processes on the Athabasca River, AB

A. Wojtowicz, F. Hicks, R. Andrishak, M. Brayall, J. Blackburn and J. Maxwell
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Frazil ice problems in changing climate conditions

M. Huokuna, J. Aaltonen and N. Veijalainen
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Detection of Trends in Ice Season Characteristics of New Brunswick Rivers

B. Burrell, H. Arisz, D. Scott and J. Devenney
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Interannual field observations and analysis of river ice dynamics at a fluvial transition on the Rimouski River, Québec

J. Dubé, T. Buffin-Bélanger and N. Bergeron
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Observations of aufeis formation in Jarvis Creek, Alaska

J. Zufelt, S. Daly and A. Gelvin
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Developing winter flow rating relationships using slope-area hydraulics

S. Beltaos
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Helical cell motions in a small Ice-covered meander reach

S. Demers, T. Buffin-Bélanger and A.G. Roy
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River Ice Management Implications of Midwinter Jamming

B. Burrell and P. Tang
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Mitigation of Elevated River Freeze-up Levels by Revised Flow Regulation

M. Jasek and B. Trevor
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River ice implications related to water power production in Norway

R. Pytte Asvall
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Modeling of dam break wave propagation in an ice-covered channel

T.F. Nzokou, B. Morse, J.-L. Robert, M. Richard and E. Tousso
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Modeling Ice Cover Consolidation during Freeze-up on the Peace River, AB

F. Hicks, R. Andrishak and Y. She
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Winter Hydrodynamics of the Upper Peace-Athabasca Delta

R. Andrishak and F. Hicks
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SWIPS Field Deployment during Freeze-up 2008

T. Ghobrial, M. Loewen and F. Hicks
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Influence of Mackenzie Delta Breakup on the Timing and Duration of Water Overflow on the Outer Delta Sea Ice Surface

M. Belanger, F. Hicks, S. Solomon and M. Loewen
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Suitability of Aerial GPR Deployments for River Ice Thickness Mapping

N. Kovachis, J. Maxwell and F. Hicks
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Sediment Transport in Ice-Covered Rivers: A Prospect Research Project

B. Turcotte, N. Bergeron and A.G. Roy
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Satellite Radar Observations of Spring Ice Breakup in the Mackenzie Delta

J. van der Sanden, H. Drouin, S. Beltaos and F. Hicks
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On the use of dendrochronology to analyse ice jam occurrences at a fluvial transition on the Ouelle River, Quebec

S. MacNider Taylor, T. Buffin-Bélanger, D. Arseneault and B. Hétu
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Long Lead Forecasting of Peak Flow during Breakup Using Fuzzy Logic

L. Zhao, F. Hicks and A. Robinson Fayek
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Analysis of Observed 2008 Ice Jam Release Events on the Hay River, NWT

D. Watson, F. Hicks and R. Andrishak
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2-D Modeling of Ice Processes on the Hay River, NWT

M. Brayall and F. Hicks
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Ice Considerations in the Design of Modern In-Stream Structures

A. Tuthill, C. Vuyovich, I. Knack and H. Shen
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Field Studies of ice breakup and jamming in the Mackenzie Delta

S. Beltaos and T. Carter
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Ice interactions at a dam face

B. Morse, E. Stander, A. Cote, J. Morse, P. Beaulieu, A. Tarras, P. Noël and Y. Pratt
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Potential of RADARSAT-2 for the Monitoring of river Freeze-up Processes

J. van der Sanden, H. Drouin, F. Hicks and S. Beltaos
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Ice Observations on the Churchill River using Satellite Imagery

A. Pryse-Phillips, R. Woolgar, K. Rogers, M. Lynch, S. Warren, T. Puestow and C. Randell
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Investigation of RADARSAT-2 and TERRASAR-X data for river ice characterization from remote sensing

S. Mermoz, M. Bernier, S. Allain, E. Pottier and Y. Gauthier
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Improved Satellite-Based River Ice Monitoring Using Dual-Polarized SAR Imagery

K. Russell, S. Warren, C. Howell, T. Puestow, C. Randell, A. Khan, C. Mahabir, P. Tang, D. Burakov and N. Novik
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