Observation of culverts with fish passage design in winter time

Jean-Robert Ladouceur and Tadros Ghobrial
1.54 MB

Development and Application of a Hummocked Ice Mitigation Program in the Rupert Bay

Wael Taha, Jack Diamond and Marc Dunn
6.83 MB

Detailed interpretation of river ice processes in water level time series

Benoit Turcotte and Jennifer Nafziger
776.99 KB

Recent Trends in Ice Conditions in Rivers in Ontario, Canada

Fuad Curi, Andy Beaton and Spyros Beltaos
363.89 KB

Analysis of Climatic and Riverine Factors Influencing Peace River Ice Jam Flood Frequency in the Peace-Athabasca Delta: From History to Future Climate Implications

Martin Jasek, Jonathan Lamontagne and Jared Smith
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A Compilation of Station Metadata to Inform the Provenance of Water Level Records in the Canadian River Ice Database

Laurent de Rham, Yonas Dibike, Spyros Beltaos, Daniel Peters, Barrie Bonsal, and Josh Hartmann
778.09 KB

Exploring Google Earth Engine for Monitoring River Ice

Kein Zhu, Tadros Ghobrial and Mark Loewen
Student Paper
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Towards a Rights-Based Ice Monitoring Trigger

Bruce Maclean, Caroline Bampfylde, Melody Lepine, and Lisa Tssessaze
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Swath bathymetry measurements of in-situ anchor ice in the Peace River

Joel Evans, Martin Jasek, and Kerry Paslawski
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In-situ measurements of anchor-ice formation and release

Tadros Ghobrial, Vincent McFarlane, and Mark Loewen
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