Proceedings of the 21st Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers

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Freeze-up and Breakup Processes

Bolton 2019 Ice Jam
Fuad Curi and Craig Mitchell
A Tale of Two Basins: The 2020 river ice breakup in northern Alberta, part I: The Athabasca River
Jenifer Nafziger, Nadia Kovachis, and Stefan Emmer
A Tale of Two Basins: The 2020 river ice breakup in northern Alberta, part II: The Peace River
Stefan Emmer, Nadia Kovachis, and Jenifer Nafziger
Minor 2020 ice jamming in lower Peace River despite extreme breakup flows: assessment of hydroclimatic controls
Spyros Beltaos and Tom Carter
Numerical and experimental study of an Arctic hypertidal estuary under winter conditions; cryo-hydrodynamics and hydrokinetic implications
Abdolvahid Mohammadian, Brian Morse and Jean-Loup Robert
Estimating frequency distribution of volumes-of-ice of mid-winter ice jams
Apurba Das and Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt
Solar Panel Pyranometer
Jeff Wong
The 2019 Freeze-up Ice Jam on the Severn River and Flooding of Bearskin Lake First Nation
Lucas Wazney and Rick Carson

Numerical and Physical Modelling

Ice forecasting model for the lower Kokemäenjoki River
Mikko Huokuna, Paula Havu, Juha-Pekka Triipponen, Taina Koivisto, and Juha Aaltonen
Laboratory Investigation on Under Cover Ice Transport Processes
Randula Senarathbandara, Shawn Clark and Karen Dow
Simulation of the 2014 Dynamic Ice Breakup on the Peace River
Fengbin Huang, Martin Jasek, and Hung Tao Shen
Numerical Simulation of Winter Conveyance through the Outlet Lakes Area (Upper Nelson River)
Kevin Lees, Shawn Clark, Jarro Malenchak and Paul Chanel
Modeling supercooling and anchor ice processes on the North Saskatchewan River
Jiaqi Yang, Chuankang Pei, Yuntong She and Mark Loewen
Hydraulic Effects of Ice Boom in Ice-Free Conditions
Elijah Edie, Shawn Clark and Karen Dow
Modelling freeze-up of the lower Churchill River (Labrador) as input to an operational ice-jam flood forecasting system
Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt, David Brown, Amir Ali Khan, Haseen Khan, Mohammad Khayer, Shabnam Mostofi, Aleksey Naumov, Trung Pham and Andrew Weiss
Operational Monitoring of River Ice on the Churchill River, Labrador
Michael Lynch, Robert Briggs, Jerry English, Amir Ali Khan, Haseen Khan, and Thomas Puestow

Ice Jams and Breakup Forecasting

Preparing ice-jam flood outlooks for the lower reach of the Red River
Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt, David Brown, Ron Hahlweg, Bin Luo, Christian Propp and Andrew Weiss
An Attempt to Forecast the Mobilization of a Grounded Ice Jam
Jeff Wong
Prediction of Mid Winter Breakup Occurrence and Timing on Canadian Rivers
Michael De Coste, Zoe Li and Yonas Dibike
Forecasting and Management of Ice Break-Ups with the Inclusion of Snowmelt in the Degree Day Method and the Use of HEC Products
Jeff Womg

Field Monitoring and Case Studies

Anchor ice dam survey in small steep river
Einar RØdtang, Janik John and Knut Alfredsen
An improved stream tube method for transverse flow in wintertime channels
Jiajia Pan, Hongjing Yu, Xinlei Guo, Tao Wang, Hui Fu, Yongxin Guo, and Jiazhen Li
Revisiting Anchor-Ice Rafting in the Laramie River, Wyoming
Edward Kempema, Kristin Bunte, and Robert Ettema
Fresh Eyes on River Ice in Alaska through Remote Sensing, Field Studies, and Community-based Observations
Christopher Arp, Allen Bondurant, Dana Brown, Sarah Clement, Melanie Engram, Laura Oxtoby, and Katie Spellman
The influence of tributaries on breakup dynamics: Insights from the Chaudière River, Québec
Catherine Blouin, Tadros Ghobrial, Brian Morse, Gabriel Pelchat and Benoit Turcotte
Field Monitoring of the Sundance Rapids Ice Dam on the Lower Nelson River, Manitoba, Canada
Brittany Peters, Karen Dow and Jarrod Malenchak
Understanding, Monitoring and Preventing Ice-Jam Flooding on an Urban River in the Quebec City Area
Charlotte Lafleur, Simon Nolin, Pierre Pelletier and Louise Babineau
An Early Warning Ice Management System for the Saint Lawrence River: Increasing the reliability of Winter Navigation to the Port of Montreal
Philippe Scalabrini and Brian Morse

Ice, Fluvial Geomorphology, and Infrastucture

Fluvial geomorphological responses to river ice dynamics downstream of a hydroelectric facility, southwest Yukon
Dan McParland, Robin McKillop and Forest Pearson
Developing a geospatial model to predict locations of higher propensity to ice jamming along the Saint John River
Ananya Kowshal, Apurba Das and Karl-Erich Lindenschimdt
Highway Bridge Design in an Ice Jam-Prone Area on the Aux Brochets River
Simon Nolin, Pierre Pelletier and Claudine Breton
Ice-Run Destruction of Spencer Dam on Nebraska's Niobrara River
Robert Ettema, Mark Baker, Marty Teal and John Trojanowski

Ice and Infrastructure

Infrastructure and River Ice: An Overview
Brian Burrell, Benoit Turcotte, George Comfort and Joe Groeneveld
Field measurements of frazil ice accumulation at a water intake on the Mille-Iles River, Québec
Tadros Ghobrial, Amandine Pierre and Brian Morse
Field measurements of supercooling and anchor ice properties
Chuankang Pei, Jiaqi Yang, Yuntong She, and Mark Loewen
Conceptual Design of a High Flow Air Screen for Brash Ice Retention in Strong Ambient Crossflow
Chandler Engel, Steven Daly and Iqbal Biln

Fish and Field Monitoring

Assessment of regulation impacts on ice formation in river Alta, Norway
Knut Alfredsen and Sanjoy Kumar Saha
Observation of culverts with fish passage design in winter time
Jean-Robert Ladouceur and Tadros Ghobrial
Development and Application of a Hummocked Ice Mitigation Program in the Rupert Bay
Wael Taha, Jack Diamond and Marc Dunn
Detailed interpretation of river ice processes in water level time series
Benoit Turcotte and Jennifer Nafziger

Ice and Climate Change

Recent Trends in Ice Conditions in Rivers in Ontario, Canada
Fuad Curi, Andy Beaton and Spyros Beltaos
Trends in maximum ice-induced water levels and flooding frequencies in some rivers of Quebec, Canada
Guillaume Poulin, Tadros Ghobrial and Benoit Turcotte
Flooding processes and recent trends in ice-induced high-water levels along rivers of Northwestern Canada
Benoit Turcotte
Exploratory Data Analysis of the Canadian River Ice Database Variables and their Correlations with Seasonal Temperature
Yonas Dibike, Josh Hartmann, Laurent de Rham, Spyros Beltaos, Daniel Peters and Barrie Bonsal

Climate Implicationa and Other

Analysis of Climatic and Riverine Factors Influencing Peace River Ice Jam Flood Frequency in the Peace-Athabasca Delta: From History to Future Climate Implications
Martin Jasek, Jonathan Lamontagne and Jared Smith
A Compilation of Station Metadata to Inform the Provenance of Water Level Records in the Canadian River Ice Database
Laurent de Rham, Yonas Dibike, Spyros Beltaos, Daniel Peters, Barrie Bonsal, and Josh Hartmann
Exploring Google Earth Engine for Monitoring River Ice
Kein Zhu, Tadros Ghobrial and Mark Loewen
Towards a Rights-Based Ice Monitoring Trigger
Bruce Maclean, Caroline Bampfylde, Melody Lepine, and Lisa Tssessaze