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Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (1993)

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Complete Proceedings of the 7th Workshop
398 pages (35.0 MB)
Introductory material (pp. i-viii)
Photograph and list of participants (pp. 383-390)

Session 1: Geomorphological Effects of River Ice

Winter Stream Morphology on the North Slope of Alaska (pp. 1-2)
E. F. Chacho, S. A. Acrone and A. J. Delaney
Abstract only
Ice as the Geomorphic Agent in an Anastomosing River System (pp. 3-20)
F. E. Hicks
Observations on Sediment-Chemistry Interactions During Northern River Breakup (pp. 21-41)
D. Milburn and T. D. Prowse
Riverbank Conditions and Erosion in Winter (pp. 43-56)
L. W. Gatto
Presented by D. Calkins
Impacts of Missouri River Mainstem Dams in the Ice Regime of Tributary Streams (pp. 57-58)
J. L. Wuebben
Abstract only

Session 2: Physical Effects of River Ice

The Ice Motion Detector: Advanced Warning for Breakup (pp. 59-74)
J. E. Zufelt and A. M. Tuthill
Groundwater Heat Flux into a Small Headwater Stream during Winter (pp. 75-88)
D. Calkins and J. Shanley
Frazil Transport and Evolution in Channels (pp. 89-105)
L. Hammar and H. T. Shen
Size Distribution of Frazil Flocs (pp. 107-126)
G. Tsang
RIVICE Model Update (pp. 127-144)
K. Martinson, M. Sydor, N. Marcotte and S. Beltaos
Frazil Floe Strength Measurements: Preliminary Tests (pp. 145-159)
K.D. White
On the Sediment Transport Capacity of Rivers During Ice Breakup (pp. 161-175)
M. G. Ferrick and P. B. Weyrick
Research Needs – Results of Panel Discussion (pp. 177-195)
S. Petryk, D. Calkins, R. Cunjak, K. Davar, G. Whitley, K. Wiebe, et. al.

Session 3: Chemical Effects of River Ice

Longitudinal Dispersion in Ice Covered Rivers (pp. 197-216)
S. Beltaos
Chemistry of Winter Low Flows in the Yukon Territory (pp. 217-234)
P. Whitfield, W. G. Whitley and N. L. Wade
Oxygen Modeling Under River Ice Covers (pp. 235-260)
P. Chambers, G. J. Scrimgeour, A. Pietroniro, J. M. Culp and I. Loughran

Session 4: Biological Effects of River Ice

Effects of Frazil Ice on Fish (pp. 261-278)
R. S. Brown, S. S. Stanislawski and W. C. Mackay
Frazil Ice Accumulation in a Large Salmon Pool in the Miramichi River, New Brunswick: Ecological Implications for Overwintering Fishes (pp. 279-295)
R. A. Cunjak and D. Caissie
Different Methodologies Employed in the Analysis of Ice Effects on Incubating Chinook Salmon in the Nechako River, B.C. (pp. 297-298)
G. Faulkner and S. Wilkins
Abstract only
Negative Effects of Freeze-up and Breakup on Fish in the Nicola River (pp. 299-314)
P. F. Doyle, G. T. Kosakoski and R. W. Costerton
The Influence of River Ice on Birds and Mammals (pp. 315-330)
G. Power and J. Mitchell

Session 5: Other Environmental Effects of River Ice

River Ice Regime in the Area Affected by a Hydraulic Structure in Terms of the Natural Environment Protection (pp. 331-332)
G. Bolotnikov
Abstract and discussion only
Environmental Aspects of River Ice Jamming on the Peace-Athabasca Delta (pp. 333-337)
T. D. Prowse, M. Demuth and M. Peterson
Abstract and discussion only
River and Lake Ice in the Urban Hydrologic Setting: An Example of the Environment/Ice Regime Interaction (pp. 339-343)
M. Demuth
Abstract, examples and discussion only
Scoping of an Environmental Ice Effects Study: A Case Study on the St. Lawrence River (pp. 345-357)
R. W. Threader, M. Yu and D. F. Parker
The Environmental Effects of Ice Jam Flooding in the Mackenzie Delta (pp. 359-381)
P. Marsh, L. Lesack and A. Roberts