19th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers

Whitehorse, Yukon | 2017

♦ Denotes student paper competition or poster

Session 1: Ice mechanics and thermal properties

Measured Dynamic Response of Ice Roads to Moving Trucks
G. Van Der Vinne, M. Lanteigne, J. Snyder

Session 2: Anchor ice related research

Observations of Anchor Ice Formation and Release at Clark Lake/Split Lake
C. Nguyen, K. Dow, J. Malenchak, M. Morris, and J. Westmacott
3D side scan sonar imaging of in-situ anchor ice in the Peace River
J. Evans, M. Jasek, K. Paslawski, P. Kraeutner

Session 3: Flood risk along small rivers

Ice-Related Floods and Flood Delineation along Streams and Small Rivers
B. Turcotte, K. Alfredsen, S. Beltaos, B.C. Burrell
Mitigation of Freeze-up Related Flooding on a Small Regulated River in Central Yukon
D. Morissette, F. Pearson, D. Andres, R. Gee, M. O’Connor
Ice-Related, Urban Winter Flooding of Flat Creek, Jackson, Wyoming
E. Kempema, B. Remlinger, S.F. Daly, R. Ettema
Flooding Caused by Freezeup on Ship Creek, AK
S.F. Daly, J.S. Rocks, M. Reilly-Collette

Session 4: Flood risk and modelling

Near Real-time Ice-Related Flood Hazard Assessment on the Exploits River, Newfoundland
S. Warren, T. Puestow, M. Richard, A.A. Khan, M. Khayer, K-E. Lindenschmidt

Session 5: River ice monitoring

Monitoring ice processes: Sharing experience to improve successful research programs
B. Turcotte, J. Nafziger, S. Clark, S. Beltaos, M. Jasek, K. Alfredsen, L. Lind, E. Stander
Measurements of frazil ice particles at the onset of supercooling
V. McFarlane and M. Loewen
Oral presentation only

Session 6: Breakup and ice jam observations and modelling

Using dendrochronology to identify historic ice jams
T.A. Dahl, S.A. Gibson, J.B. Webber

Session 7: Climate impacts on river ice processes

Evolution of Fast Ice Coverage in James Bay
W. Taha, A. Cueto-Bergner, M. Levasseur, A. Tremblay

Session 8: Flow regulation and flood mitigation

Ice in Regulated Rivers and Reservoirs
M. Huokuna, M. Morris, S. Beltaos, B.C. Burrell
Ice Boom Design Challenges in a Very Large, High-Latitude, North-Flowing River
R. Abdelnour, E. Abdelnour, E. Robert, J. Malenchak

Session 9: Dam construction and rehabilitation

Session 10: River ice process forecasting

The River Ice Automated Classifier Tool (RIACT)
T. Puestow, A. Cuff, M. Richard, S. Tolszczuk-Leclerc, J-S. Proulx-Bourque, A. Deschamps, J. van der Sanden, S. Warren

Poster Presentations