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Committee on River Ice Processes and the Environment

R. (Larry) Gerard Medal Award

The Gerard Medal was established by the Committee in 1991 to recognize and remember the contributions made to the field of river ice engineering by the late Dr. R. (Larry) Gerard. The medal is awarded to the author or authors of the paper deemed to be the best amongst those presented at each Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers.

Dr. Gerard was a Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Alberta and was recognized world-wide for his contributions in river ice engineering. The International Association for Hydraulic Research (IAHR) published a tribute detailing the career and accomplishments of Dr. Gerard as a part of the 11th International Symposium on Ice in Banff, Alberta in 1992.

Past recipients of the Gerard Medal

  • Benoit Turcotte, Brian Burrell, and Spyros Beltaos

    The Impact of Climate Change on Breakup Ice Jams in Canada: State of knowledge and research approaches. 20th Workshop on River Ice - 2019, Ottawa.

  • Benoit Turcotte, Knut Alfredsen, Spyros Beltaos, and Brian Burrell

    Ice-Related Floods and Flood Delineation along Streams and Small Rivers. 19th Workshop on River Ice - 2017, Whitehorse.

  • Martin Jasek, Hung Tao Shen, Jiajia Pan, and Kerry Paslawski

    Anchor Ice Waves and their Impact on Winter Ice Cover Stability. 18th Workshop on River Ice - 2015, Quebec City.

  • Jennifer Nafziger, Faye Hicks, Paula Thoms, Vincent McFarlane, Janelle Banack, and Richard A. Cunjak

    Measuring supercooling prevalence on small regulated and unregulated streams in New Brunswick and Newfoundland, Canada. 17th Workshop on River Ice - 2013, Edmonton, 125-147.

  • Martin Jasek, Tadros Ghobrial, Mark Loewen, and Faye Hicks

    Comparison of CRISSP modeled and SWIPS measured ice concentrations on the Peace River. 16th Workshop on River Ice - 2011, Winnipeg, 249-273.

  • F. Hicks, R. Andrishak and Y. She

    Modeling Ice Cover Consolidation during Freeze-up on the Peace River, AB. 15th Workshop on River Ice - 2009, St. John's, 250-265.

  • M. Jasek, J. Marko, D. Fissel, M. Clarke, J. Buermans and K. Paslawski

    Instrument for Detecting Freeze-up, Mid-Winter and Break-up Ice Processes in Rivers. 13th Workshop on River Ice - 2005, Hanover, 151-183.

  • T. Kowalczyk and F. Hicks

    Observations of Dynamic Ice Jam Release on the Athabasca River at Fort McMurray, AB. 12th Workshop on River Ice - 2003, Edmonton, 369-392.

  • L. Liu, A.M. Tuthill, and H.T. Shen

    Dynamic Simulation of Ice Conditions in the Vicinity of Locks and Dams. 11th Workshop on River Ice - 2001, Ottawa.

  • M Hopkins and S Daly

    Discrete Element Modeling of River Ice at Navigation Structures. 10th Workshop on River Ice - 1999, Winnipeg, 59-69.

  • D. Healy, F., Hicks, and S. Beltaos

    A Comparison of ICEJAM and RIVJAM Ice Jam Profile Models. 9th Workshop on River Ice - 1997, Fredericton, 269-282.

  • M. Jasek

    Ice Jam Simulations in Rivers with Islands. 8th Workshop on River Ice - 1995, Kamloops, 421-441.

  • R. Brown, S. Stanislawski and W. Mackay

    Effects of Frazil Ice on Fish. 7th Workshop on River Ice - 1993, Saskatoon - 1993, 261-278.

  • R. Ford, S. Beltaos, W. Moody and N. Madsen

    Remote Measurement of Ice Jam Thickness. 6th Workshop on River Ice - 1991, Ottawa, 269-296.

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